Keeping Abreast of Bosch Security

West coast sales V.P. Roger Leadabrand gives an update on dealer certifications, future acquisitions and becoming the fabled 'one-stop shop'

"Some dealers say they don't feel we're keeping up in terms of acquisitions," says Leadabrand, "but we're not just trying to offer a lot of different brands - we're focusing on strategic acquisitions. Our acquisitions all have been focused on providing our customers end-to-end solutions."

Bosch has also stated goals of achieving 15 percent market share in its core areas of CCTV, access control, fire and intrusion detection. He says that it wouldn't be surprising to see more acquisitions from the company, especially in the area of fire, as the company seeks to beat the growth numbers that organic growth can provide, and instead looks to achieve that market share by acquiring a company with the right mixture of panel and fire detection technology.

Aside from the company's market share goals, what would Leadabrand want to see in the future?

"I'd like to see more strength in access control and in fire," he says. "What I'm picturing for the future is that Bosch will become the one-stop shop so when a new building is being built, you can get the lighting controls, the HVAC system technology, the CCTV, the access control, everything you need in terms of building systems, all from our shop."