Digital Video: The Time Is Now - A Bank Robbery Scenario

Why digital video can help in creating a faster response to a robbery through digital distribution of images

What's New in DVR Technology?

In the last year, manufacturers have begun tailoring DVRs to specific market niches. One new product, for instance, fills the middle market niche for sites with up to 128 cameras in a cost-effective manner. This is good news for businesses because it will make finding an appropriate, financially feasible solution easier. Also, coming soon are more intelligent DVRs. These units will be able to analyze video for suspicious activity and then alert security personnel. The next major leap in technology will be going from analog cameras using DVRs and matrix switches to network IP-based cameras using standard servers for storage and virtual matrix switches.

Moving Forward

Digital video is a rapidly expanding market in the security industry, primarily because it offers many new capabilities. With the advice of an expert, organizations should consider whether it's time to take the digital video plunge. It's an exciting technology and one that is already figuring prominently in surveillance system design.

Dave Shelton is president of D/A Central Inc., a 47-year-old systems integration company serving Michigan and the northern Midwest. He is also the treasurer of SecurityNet Inc., a 10-year-old nationwide network of systems integrators closely interacting to serve national-level clientele with local attentiveness at every location. Mr. Shelton holds CHS Level II certification in homeland security from the American College of Forensic Examiners. He has served in the U.S. Army Military Police and been in the security industry for 34 years.