Commercial Security Is Finding Its Way Home

Technology and Standards are Migrating to Foster Residential Security The application of technology in residential security has gone through several convolutions over its relatively short history. In its early years, equipment and technology available to...

Technology and Standards are Migrating to Foster Residential Security

The Security Dealer magazine "Timeline," and its panel of experts explored this question in its January 2003 issue, and the consensus is that the introduction of the tape dialer was the singular event that precipitated this transformation. The dialer opened up a wider range of establishments to security systems and economical central station monitoring. The ensuing recurring monitoring revenue stream from monthly monitoring fees attracted the interest of security installers and can be credited with adding to the existence of alarm dealers who specialize in only residential security.

Bringing Safety From The Workplace
Every day, the news carries a new story about an attack, home invasion or abduction, frequently occurring in residences. It's only logical that if you take measures to protect yourself, your assets and your employees at work that you apply the same thinking to protecting your family and possessions at home as well.

For this reason, technology formerly used only for commercial applications is also finding its way into the residential security market. Lowered mortgage rates have allowed people to afford more house with more amenities. Homes are bigger and homeowners' appetites for technology has grown. They are asking for electronic access control, for example, to secure and limit access to certain rooms within the home.

New security technologies offer more and better solutions than ever before. Alarm vendors are adding features to their systems that allow for extra layers of security. For example, dealers can now offer their customers systems that will e-mail, phone or page parents every time their kid walks through the front door. At a slightly higher charge, you can install a camera that sends an image, confirming to the parents it is, in fact, their kid.

There are many more opportunities now to really expand the home security business. Many dealers says it is catching on because their clients are telling their friends and they in turn want to know more about the technology.

The alarm industry is also promoting upgraded residential systems. Take a page from what some of the leaders are telling perspective residential clients.

When you visit the Honeywell website, for example, viewers are informed:
"Safeguarding your home means more than dead-bolt locks and fire extinguishers. It's about adding the technology inside your home to monitor the safety and security of your loved ones?even when you're not around.

"Depending on your neighborhood and lifestyle, achieving a sense of safety and control for you and your family might entail:

  • Early detection of freezing water lines, flooding or gas leaks to help minimize damage and danger.

  • Automatic lighting that helps illuminate your way when you arrive home at night, or that gives your house a lived-in look while you're away.

  • Video surveillance that helps you see who's outside before you open the door or helps you keep an eye on kids in the backyard pool.

  • Latchkey monitoring notifies you that a child has arrived home.

  • Advanced wiring systems that help you keep pace with the latest in voice, video, data and security technology.

  • More protection for critical areas in your home, such as your home office, your medicine cabinet or a liquor cabinet."

"You want more than a security system?you want a total solution that helps your family feel safe." That is the message at Vector Security.

The Vector Security Residential section website also states, "Our security consultants help work with you to design a system that provides unrestricted use of your home, yet a high degree of protection. Because no two homeowners share the same exact needs, we help you understand the products and services that will meet your needs, and then recommend a level of protection to accommodate both your concerns and your budget.

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