Where Does UTP Cable Fit In the Video Transmission Mix?

Often less costly and easier to run than other types of cable, UTP works well in many applications.

"The system took only five months to install, including field terminations. It would have taken much longer had we used coax or fiber," Hollaway noted. Because the terminations are faster and easier, technicians can easily manage the system after the installation company has finished its job.

After experiencing the high performance of their UTP CCTV system and comparing it to their past coax and fiber experiences, neither surveillance director Gary Vicchairelli nor Hollaway would trade their UTP transmission system in if they had to do it over again.

Said Hollaway, "We are running at 100 percent all the time, and UTP helps me maintain this percentage. How many strip properties can say that their system is 100 percent all the time?"

Future-Proof Video Systems
While many believe that video transmission between cameras and DVRs will eventually be done digitally, analog is an effective solution now. This is borne out by the introduction of UTP cameras by most leading camera manufacturers cognizant of the advanced features and benefits of a UTP solution. The installer is no longer constrained by the size of bulky coax or the high cost of fiber and its installation time. Further, UTP technology is forward compatible with future all-digital solutions.

Guy Apple is vice president of Network Video Technologies.