Biometrics in an Integrated System

Why isn't biometrics working in some applications, and what can you do about it?

Because the template is stored in the card, the verification is performed between the data in the card and the live template from the reader, rather than from the controller. If a match is found, the reader sends to the controller the access control information that is stored in the card. The whole process is simplified. This architecture can accommodate any biometric technology, but the key is that it works in conjunction with access control data. The challenges are then to develop a very sophisticated enrollment process and to be able to freely program the smart cards.

This solution enables companies to leverage biometrics and smart cards for multiple security purposes. The smart cards can be used as universal credentials, for not only physical security but for IT security as well, to log into computers and provide user authentication into networks.

Rudy D. Prokupets is chief technology officer and executive vice president of Research and Development at Lenel Systems International Inc. In 1985, Mr. Prokupets cofounded Edicon, an ID and security management company, and served as its vice president of R & D Engineering. In 1990, Mr. Prokupets cofounded Lenel Systems International, where he currently defines strategic directions and oversees all company research and development. He is a frequent speaker at industry trade shows and seminars, has been published in books and numerous trade publications, and holds several patents.