Dispelling the Top 10 Myths of IP Surveillance: Myth #1

Myth #1: IP surveillance is still five years away

According to J.P. Freeman, the network camera market is continuing to gain strength and is expected to overtake the analog CCTV camera market by 2008. As physical security continues its merge with the fast moving IT industry, savvy CSOs will realize that IP surveillance is the new security standard.

The Future Is Now

Considering the technological advancements, related market drivers and the changing security landscape, the migration to IP-based solutions will inevitably continue to expand and evolve. Companies that lead the way by using IP surveillance solutions will do more than just enjoy the ability to leverage existing infrastructure and see improvements in performance and functionality; they will gain an edge over their competitors and will be among the first to achieve a greater level of security.

Whether it's cost, performance, reliability, or any other measure, IP surveillance has proven itself to be a security solution for today and one that will grow and improve well into the future.

About the Author: As the general manager for Axis Communications, Fredrik Nilsson oversees the company's operations in North America. Mr. Nilsson can be reached at fredrik.nilsson@axis.com.