Our Man in the Field: The Process of the IP Solution, Part I

Solving IP integration challenges while implementing a CCTV solution

OK, the very next article in this column will go through the process of designing IP solutions. The how to's, the where to's and the what to's. After that, we will take one column for each process of the system and slowly, over the next few weeks, we will design a fairly in-depth IP solution. Will this make you an expert? Probably not. But it will open your eyes up and make your job easier and more profitable. See ya in a couple of weeks.

About the Author: Richard R. "Charlie" Pierce has been an active member of the security industry since 1974. He is the founder and past president of LRC Electronics Company, a full service warranty/non-warranty repair center for CCTV equipment. In 1985, Charlie founded LeapFrog Training & Consulting (Formally LTC Training Center), a full service training center specializing in live seminars, video-format certification training programs, plain language technical manuals and educational support on CCTV. He is an active member of: ASIS, ALAS, CANASA, NBFAA, NAAA and SIA. He is the recipient of numerous security industry awards, and is a regular contributor to Security Technology & Design magazine. Look for his columns to also appear regularly via SecurityInfoWatch.com and this website's e-newsletters.