Whitepaper: Managing Loss Prevention at IKEA with Video Surveillance

A look a Milestone Systems integration of IP video surveillance and transaction data in the Netherlands

"We are really pleased with our new IP video surveillance from Milestone," concludes Remco Hempenius. "It helps us improve our bottom line via reduction of fraud, prevention of theft, and increased service levels."

IKEA worldwide

The IKEA group employs a total of 76,000 co-workers in 43 countries with 3,000 in Asia + Australia, 11,000 in North America, and 62,000 in Europe. From September 2003 to August 2004, total annual revenues of the IKEA Stores in 32 countries exceeded 13.5 billion Euros. Over 400 million people visited IKEA stores and 145 million catalogs were distributed.

Milestone Systems

XProtect software products for IP video surveillance are sold through a channel of more than 150 partners in 50+ countries. Leading the industry in open technology standards, it is robust and proven in operation on 75,000 cameras around the world. XProtect Retail is an integrated, tailored solution for full video documentation on transaction IDs, item numbers, terminal numbers, and employees, in any combination.