Ed Mallen Joins OzVision as President and CEO

Ed Mallen has over 25 years of systems and software executive management experience in the computer industry with demonstrated success in developing and managing companies across multiple domestic and international sites. When Mallen became vice president of software systems for Xerox Imaging Systems in Peabody, Mass. He led the marketing and development of TextBridge, the premiere OCR product in the world today. As executive vice president of Xionics, he increased the revenue growth that led to the company's IPO in 1997. In 1999 he was recruited to run NetCentric of Bedford, Mass., an Internet Messaging company where he developed the market potential for Fax over IP (FoIP).

Before joining OzVision, he served as president and CEO of Profile Systems in West Springfield, Mass., where he led the transformation of the company to its success in pursuing vertical markets and solutions. When Mallen completed the sale of Profile Systems to Comergent Technologies in January of 2004 he become a senior vice president and board member of Comergent.

Working with Mallen as part of the executive team are company founders, Shahar Belkin and Avi Lupo, who will now head engineering and business development respectively as the company undergoes several management changes.

In commenting on Mallen's appointment to OzVision, Lupo, said, "Ed Mallen brings his expertise to OzVision both in management and the ability to work closely with our customers and partners. I look forward to his leadership at the helm of OzVision."

With his background in both enterprise software and embedded solutions companies, and experience in guiding companies through transition and scaling them for growth, Mallen is a perfect fit for OzVision, which develops and markets cost-effective remote video compression technology for the security, cellular telecommunications and data communications industries.

"My background gives me the experience to understand the demands of the large enterprises that ultimately consume our products, and respond to the needs of our channel and OEMs that will embed our solutions," he said. At the same time he admits that the exceptional group of people already in place makes his job easier. "They have done an extraordinary job up to this point and as we move forward the opportunities for their growth are substantial."

Mallen sees his systems and software background as very applicable to the stage of maturity and growth that the suppliers for the physical security space are going through right now. "The security market will go through substantial changes and where there are changes there are opportunities," said Mallen. The combination of video, access control and alarm infrastructure means that OzVision has a great opportunity to take advantage of the infrastructure already in place especially with PSTN where compression is so important and IP - which we intend to participate fully."

"We want to be an essential part of the alarm and access control infrastructure where OzVision is the de facto standard for high value video compression services. On the technology side, we will continue to exploit the development paths we're on in providing world-class compression technologies and packaging. On the software side, we believe our architecture will play an essential role in the central station environment to capture and use video to augment their current services," added Mallen.

The selection of Mallen as president and CEO follows the recent $7.5 million raised in Series A financing. Proceeds from the funding are being used towards general corporate development, including research & development and marketing.

Ed Mallen is based in the company's Woburn, Mass. corporate headquarters.