Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Corporate Offices: Part 1

Planning guidelines for corporate offices and commercial real estate corporations

__Have you identified liaison teams necessary for liaison with outside agencies?


__Have you identified roles and responsibilities for each position within your organization?

__Does your plan list roles and responsibilities by position and by function?

__Does your plan assign primary and alternate responsibility for each function?


__Does your plan provide adequate guidance to area managers and building/property managers as to what must be included in their emergency action plans?


__Does your organization during an emergency differ from your normal organization?

__Have you developed an organizational chart which depicts internal relationships during an emergency and becomes effective upon plan activation?

__Have you developed an organizational chart which depicts relationships with external organizations?


__Do you maintain current contact information for all individuals within your organization?

__For those who consent, do you have information regarding next of kin?

__Have you established "call trees" which address all possible types of plan and/or emergency operations center activation?

__Have you designated a frequency with which contact information must be updated?

__Have you designated policies for periodic "testing" of the emergency contact notification systems?


__How do you "activate" your plan?

__Does your plan articulate authority for plan activation?

__Does your plan articulate criteria for plan activation?

__Can your plan be activated in various levels? (i.e. partial, full).

__Is your plan activation sequence easy to understand? (i.e. in checklist format?)

__Does your plan address de-activation criteria?

__How often do you practice partial and/or full plan activation?


__Have you conducted a realistic and understandable hazard/risk assessment for each property and region/city?

__Has your hazard/risk assessment been conducted in accordance with prevailing guidance from state and federal agencies?

__Does your hazard/risk assessment take into effect incidents which occur outside your properties but may impact negatively on your properties?

__Have senior corporate officials been apprised of your hazard assessment? Have they been updated if it changes?


__Does your plan contain information on the federal Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory System?

__Does your plan contain information on any state or local threat advisory systems?

__Have you developed protocols and procedures to be able to adapt your corporations (and individual building/property) emergency preparedness posture to reflect changes in the federal and/or state/local threat advisories?


__Have you identified all local, state and federal agencies (including local military bases/facilities) with which you may have to interact during an emergency?

__Have you identified all private agencies, companies, corporations with which you may have to interact during an emergency?

__Have you established primary and alternate points of contact for all public and private agencies?

__Have you included any of these agencies in your planning and exercise processes?

__To what level have you coordinated your plan with each agency?


__Have you identified all possible forms of communications that can be used during an emergency?

__Have you developed your communications plan using a requirements-based analysis?

__Have you selected and prioritized those forms of communications to be used? Primary, alternate, tertiary?

__Have you identified which forms of communications designated for use during an emergency are used routinely during non-emergency situations?

__Have you identified those forms of communications designated for use during an emergency which are not routinely used on a daily basis? Have you developed a training plan for use of these devices?