Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Corporate Offices: Part 1

Planning guidelines for corporate offices and commercial real estate corporations

__Have you identified known communications "voids" either internally within your organization or externally with outside public and private agencies?


__Did you use a requirements-based analysis to determine supplies and equipment required for your emergency preparedness plan?

__Have you identified primary and alternate responsibility for ordering, storing, maintaining and distributing supplies and equipment?

__Have you identified all ancillary items needed to maintain and/or operate supplies and equipment?

__Do you have contractual mechanisms in place for rapid procurement of items required during an emergency, but not stocked? (For example: additional fuel, food/water, etc.).

__Do you have memorandums of agreement in place for use of privately owned facilities?

__Do you have quick access to neighborhood maps and CAD diagrams for all of your properties?


__From where will you manage emergencies at the corporate level?

__Who, realistically, can be expected to participate in corporate emergency management?

__Have you determined EOC functions?

__Have you determined EOC staffing?

__Have you determined EOC activation criteria? Activation authority?

__Have you articulated requirements for partial and full activation?

__Have you identified communications requirements for EOC?

__Have you identified primary and alternate EOC locations?

__Have you identified supplies/equipment requirements for EOC?

__Have you determined length of shifts for EOC staffing?

__Have you identified liaison/staffing requirements for any public and private agencies for representation in your EOC?

__Have you accounted for human needs (water, food, personal hygiene, sleep, break) for your EOC?

__What are the minimum power requirements to operate your primary and alternate EOCs? What are your sources of back-up power?

__Who is responsible for maintaining the EOCs?

__How often do you practice EOC activation?

__How often do you conduct EOC exercises?

__What types of charts, maps, graphic and visual aids do you require in your EOC?


__If you have sufficient transportation assets which can be used during an emergency, have you identified all assets available?

__Have you identified primary and alternate drivers/operators for each vehicle?

__Have you developed clear instructions for vehicle pick-up and dispatch?

__Do you have a plan to "lock down" vehicles immediately upon an emergency, so as to ensure their availability for use?

__Have you designated the authority to dispatch or recall vehicles during an emergency?

__Do you keep a spare set of vehicle keys at a central location to be used if necessary during an emergency?

__For operators who may have to operate equipment under duress (contamination, smoke, etc.), have they been trained to operate with required equipment?

__Have you designated dedicated vehicles to transport senior corporate officials?


__What is your strategy to keep other tenants apprised of your emergency preparedness initiatives?

__How do you communicate with tenants before an emergency? During an emergency?

__What guidance have you given to areas/regions and/or properties/buildings for notification of tenants during emergencies?

__To what level do you standardize building announcements to tenants?

__What legal considerations are involved when notifying tenants?

__How can tenants participate in the emergency preparedness planning process?


__Have you developed a public information strategy?

__Have you developed a media relations strategy?

__Have you developed a media response plan?

__Have you developed policies for who may and may not discuss the emergency with the media?

__Have all personnel designated to provide information to the media been trained?


__How often is your preparedness plan reviewed and updated?

__How often do you conduct exercises? Tabletop? Decision making? Rehearsals? Drills? Who are the participants?

__How often are unannounced plan activations conducted? By whom?