The Security Week That Was: A Recap - Oct. 8-14, 2005

SIW Editor Geoff Kohl gives a weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

We all use security products, and the world of security systems manufacturers seems to grow more interconnected by the day. Of note this week: IPIX partnered with Panasonic for surveillance offerings, and GE and Mitsubishi are working together for a container security initiative.

Quickly, here's what else has been happening: A new market update is available for the CCTV industry from Research and Markets; the Smart Card Alliance has been at its annual conference discussing access control issues among other concerns, and integration firm Henry Bros. bought up Denver-based integrator Securus.

Next week, Security Technology & Design's Steve Lasky and I will be heading to Seattle to participate in the SecureWorld Expo, which has become a great think tank for facing issues that todays CSOs and CISOs are facing. Do join us if you're in the area; click over to the Secure World Expo website to learn more.