ISC Events Directors Give the Scoop on ISC East 2005

Security Dealer's publisher Peter Harlick catches up with Dean Russo and Matt Logan as they plan for ISC East 2005

On the heels of an extremely productive and well-attended ISC West show, it's time to turn attention eastward. Peter Harlick, publisher of Security Dealer, recently sat down with ISC Events Vice President Dean Russo and ISC Events Marketing Director Matt Logan to discuss the upcoming ISC East show, a production from Reed Exhibitions from Norwalk, Conn.

Following some geographic moves, the "East" again returned to New York City in November of last year, and this year's expo follows the same track. With three main airports, five key bridges, three vital tunnels, cargo and port facilities, historical landmarks, tourist attractions, professional sports arenas, mass transit hubs and tunnels, power and water plants, the nation's largest fire and police departments, and headquarters of the world's financial markets, it's no wonder why ISC East is back in New York City. Mark your calendars for Aug. 24-25 at the Javitts Center and get more details from the events calendar.

Here's what Russo and Logan had to say about 2005's "East":

Harlick: How are things shaping up for ISC East?

Russo: Things are shaping up well. The ISC East attendee campaign is just launching now, and in terms of pre-registered attendees we are already ahead of last year at 15 weeks out from the show. Our attendance goal is 9,600 industry professionals, up from 8,500 in 2004. In terms of exhibitors we realized significant exhibitor interest in ISC East at this year's ISC West event. At this point we are 7 percent ahead of last year in terms of booked exhibitor companies. With both attendee and exhibitor interest high so far in advance of the show, ISC East is shaping up to be another success.

How has the marketplace reacted to you moving the show from November to August?

Russo: The ISC East event had always been scheduled in the month of August when the event was in New York. When the industry called for us to move the event back to NYC last year, we were not able to secure our original August dates so we settled for November which also turned out to be successful. But, the show historically was scheduled in August and all preliminary numbers indicate it is not an issue for exhibitors or attendees.

Have you received the same support from SIA and the local burglar and fire alarm associations to drum up support as you did last year?

Russo: SIA, as our event sponsor, plays a key role in providing support to and from the community of manufacturers - our exhibitors. NBFAA is also once again a key endorser of the ISC East event and plays a pivotal role in promoting and supporting ISC East to their membership of dealer/integrators, a key attendee segment at our ISC event. Our relationship with the NBFAA has helped us to once again forge partnerships and support from most of their local and regional arms including NYBFAA, CBFAA, NJBFAA, PBFAA, NEAC and more. Since we are in New York City, the NYBFAA will once again be playing a large role in both promoting the East event and supporting us on a local and regional basis. All of these relationships translate into widespread support from across the industry. Much of the success from last year's ISC East event can be attributed to the ongoing support from these industry associations.

What can we expect to see this year that we didn't see last year?

Logan: Due to the success of the 2004 East event, we are seeing a number of new exhibitors taking part in the event this year. We have representation from the majority of the larger manufacturers/distributors like Honeywell, Pelco, ADI, Panasonic, NAPCO, etc., as well as a large number of new companies that are using ISC East as the launching pad for their new products and services. We are offering a manufacturer training program that will be enhanced this year with participation from a number of key manufacturers including Honewell, HID, Samsung/GVI, NAPCO, Firelite, Lumenera, Home Automation, HID, Mitsubishi and more. Last year we launched the program with 12 manufacturers taking part and over 350 attendees; this we are tacking to exceed that.

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