Keeping an Eye on the Floor

A Southern California gaming establishment upgrades its CCTV video system and discovers the benefits of digital recording. The user-friendly equipment enables surveillance and security personnel to quickly and effectively track events and deter crime.

McCawley adds that during the installation of the DSR-M800s there was no need to change the existing matrix and cameras. Also, according to McCawley, the free-standing server system has eliminated hacking by outside attackers.

Search Time Reduced by More Than 70 Percent
Probably the most impressive benefit of the Sanyo DSR-M800, however, is its speed when retrieving event images. According to McCawley, “Sanyo’s product has enabled us to reduce the amount of time spent searching for incidents by 70 to 80 percent.”

In addition to the fast image retrieval rate, the product also offers MPEG2 video compression and 120 GB, 240 GB, 300 GB and 600 GB hard drives. The expansive hard disc space and MPEG2 compression method allow for continuous storage times of 7 days to 35 days in high quality mode (720 X 480 picture resolution) at 30 frames per second (fps).

Simultaneous record and playback capabilities as well as a mirroring function for redundancy recording are other useful features, as are the four picture quality settings, simple OSD menu setup, alarm recording, built-in time/date generator and user-friendly advanced software with four user levels.

System Positioned to Successfully Face the Future The DSR-M800’s speed and advanced features will come in handy in the future as casino criminals continue to find new ways to cheat. Additionally, Viejas Casino security and surveillance personnel can take advantage of the M800’s other security and surveillance applications and increase their return on investment.

For example, customer arguments over who sat down at a popular slot machine first could be resolved with images quickly retrieved from the DVR. Footage from parking lots and driveways could be viewed to prove or disprove claims of an assault or of car damage. The veracity of a slip and fall case could be verified as well.

Another benefit of the Sanyo system is its expandability. As Viejas’ business grows, casino management can easily increase the number of DSR-M800s deployed.

Up to 4,000 units can be controlled through the software, Sanyo’s VA-SW814, giving the casino flexibility in expansion. With the new Sanyo DSR-M804 digital recorder, the same benefits of the DSR-M800/810 recorder are available in a four-channel quad version, which many casinos are using to replace multiplexers, as well as to upgrade all of their non-surveillance areas of the casino. Both units can be tied together on the same software or separated, depending on the casino's preference.

All of these features ensure that if massive expansion is in store for Viejas Casino, Sanyo’s DVR system will be up for the challenge.