MuxLab's Releases Power-Thru Balun

MuxLab Inc. (, designer and manufacturer of CCTV and audio-video connectivity solutions, announces its latest product for the CCTV security and surveillance industry - the VideoEase CCTV Power-Thru Balun (500024).

Developed in conjunction with CCTV systems installers, the Power-Thru Balun allows remote power and video to be connected to the CCTV camera via one Cat5 cable thereby replacing two cables for neater and more efficient cabling.

Remote 24VAC (Class II) power is supported via three twisted pairs up to 500 feet (170 m) depending on camera power and voltage drop. Longer distances may be achieved at 28VAC.

Designed for fixed cameras, the Power-Thru Balun features two (2) cable leads that break out the remote power and video signals at the camera, eliminate the need for additional cables. On the other end of the balun a modular RJ45 connector combines the two signals over one Cat5 cable.

Fully compatible with other MuxLab CCTV baluns, the Power-Thru Balun follows TIA-568 wiring standards and features a pin configuration label directly on the product for ease of installation.

Twisted pair connections are made inside the CCTV Power-Thru Balun for added cable strain relief and to protect from moisture and dust.