Background Checks Pay for Themselves

Think you're not at risk for workplace violence, employee theft or a major criminal act? Think again.

In 2001 only:

  • 6 percent of manufacturing entities conducted background checks
  • 3 percent of health services conducted background checks
  • 8 percent of food service entities conducted background checks
  • 4 percent of business service entities conducted background checks
  • 5 percent of transportation entities conducted background checks.

Large firms (over 1,000 employees) were only 1 percent more likely to conduct background checks than small firms (1-49 employees.)

I think it's time to find out who is working for us, and we shouldn't need Nan Toder's wakeup call to tell us so.

About the Author: George D. Shuman, CPP, is retired from law enforcement in Washington, D.C. He was a loss prevention director for an historical New York Resort property for a number of years. He has also served as a human resources director for an international hotel management company, and director of operations for a luxury resort consortium in Massachusetts. His current venture, Shuman Associates, draws on his background and provides security, HR and operational consulting. He can be reached via or by phone at (814) 241-2399.