Industry Insiders on the Real Importance of 'It Takes a Thief'

Santamorena, Simonetti and Maniscalco give the low-down on the soft side of thievery

"The cost has dropped so that you can sell security before an incident ever happens," said Simonetti. "Years ago, it was always after the fact. Now people are buying it before because they can justify the price. And better sensors technology means that people can often use less equipment than they would have had to before."

The show, while it has been a great PR event for the entire security industry, was really about education, explained Santamorena.

"Even the producers learned a lot about security in the six months we were shooting. Sometimes they even learned too much," he joked, "and then they thought they knew what was best for the home. But really, they got very proficient. Everyone learned so much that all of a sudden they weren't just making a TV show -- they were providing a public service; they're saving people's homes."

"It's about the family," Santamorena continued. "It's about how we were able to change how they feel about their families and their lives. It's really an educational program, or else I wouldn't be part of it."

And that, we might all agree, is the best take-away from the entire season.

Steal Some Info...

  • Coming soon: "It Takes a Thief" will start its second season on Sept. 12, 5 p.m. ET/PT. Don't miss it.
  • Selling out? Well, not exactly selling out, but going commercial. Santamorena has hinted that at least one commercial establishment will be hit by the thieves during the second season. We can't wait.
  • What channel? It's not on your local TV stations, so flip over to the Discovery Channel, where shows are not just about safaris any more.
  • Coming to a town near you? Not likely, unless you live in the tri-state area around New York City.