Providing Security while the RNC Partied in New York

On August 30 through Sept. 2, the Republican National Convention descended upon New York City

Security should be seen but unseen - It's not a mind trick; Sordi says that the attendees need to know they're secure and see the elements that protect them, but they shouldn't see the removal of an intoxicated individual or the relocation of protester groups.

And while those tips are useful for any event security operation, whether it's for a local mayoral speech or a major campaign party, part of landing this sort of business is being the right kind of company. It means growing past the limits of being a physical security or simple guard services company, and the best way to do that, says Sordi, is to take the money you make and reinvest in the company. While it may be tempting to take that vacation or buy that new house when business is good, by taking that money and putting it back into equipment and especially training, you're readying your business for growth, and just might find yourself running a warehouse party in 2008.