Passenger-Friendly Security at DFW New International Terminal

Integrated design seamlessly blends security functions into natural traffic flow

For those passengers arriving from abroad, the terminal offers centralized Immigration and Customs areas. Once passengers arrive at DFW, they will be directed to the Immigration corridor where they are surrounded by glass halls where they have the ability to view not only the airfield, but the interior of Terminal D as well.

Since more than half of the passengers arriving at DFW transfer to other flights, these passengers have views of the art, dining, and shopping that await them at the concourse level down below. Moving walkways assist passengers to quickly get to the INS hall where 2,800 passengers can be processed per hour. While waiting in queues, passengers can view 2 large paintings and photographic screens, part of the $6 million art program integrated into International Terminal D.

Once through passport control, passengers will now retrieve baggage and process through Customs. As they move down escalators they will be able to see planes arriving and taking off at D and the airfield or can look ahead and see a mesmerizing sculpture of local Dallas artist Tom Orr.

The International Baggage Claim hall, one of three baggage claim halls, has eight carousels each capable of handling a full load of luggage from two Boeing 747 aircraft. As quickly as bags are received, passengers will go through customs and either recheck for their next flight, or meet waiting family and friends.

The International Arrivals Hall not only has ample seating available, but also a news stand, a sandwich shop, vending machines and an amazing one-of-a-kind view of the newly installed Nasher Sculpture Garden directly across the arrivals level driveway.

"With one out of every 10 passengers in the US connecting through DFW Airport, we believe these amenities will reinforce our position as the best airport for passenger convenience, services and security," said Paslay.

International Terminal D Security Overview * $23 million in structural enhancements * $13.5 million in baggage screening upgrades. * $4.6 million in upgraded communication systems * $4 million in roadway improvements. * 459,000 cubic yards of concrete were used. * 12,500 tons of steel was used.