NPRA Testifies before Congress on Chemical Security Legislation

NPRA president urged continued public-private partnership

Mr. Slaughter concluded his testimony by saying, "NPRA was encouraged by the core principles for chemical security announced by DHS at the Committee's June 15th hearing. Those principles for addressing chemical security are based on risk and provide reasonable, clear, equitable and enforceable security standards, while recognizing the investments and progress that companies have made to date. We urge the Committee to fully consider the impact of federal legislation on existing security programs and practices, to use MTSA as the template for developing new chemical security requirements, and to adopt and support the core principles outlined by DHS. We concur with these principles and look forward to working with both the Committee and DHS as legislation is developed."

NPRA is a national trade association whose members include more than 450 companies, including virtually all U.S. refiners and petrochemical producers.