GE Announces New FiberDome Camera Housing

Converts Analog Signal into 8-bit Digital Video; Transmits RS-485/RS-422 Data

GE Infrastructure, Security announced the availability of its new FiberDome camera housing, which includes an integrated fiber optics module that converts an analog video signal into 8-bit digital video and transmits RS-485-/RS-422 data. A FiberDome is any GE CyberDome housing that includes an integrated fiber optics module. The FiberDome is available in multimode and single mode.

"FiberDome simplifies camera installation because the fiber optics module is installed inside the dome and all connections between it and the dome are made at the factory. On-site installation consists of simply of mounting the camera and connecting the fiber optic and power cables," said Darren Nicholson, Marketing Vice President in Security?s Commercial Solutions business.

With the FiberDome, customers can purchase any CyberDome housing, dome and camera combination with a fiber optic module that converts analog to digital. The FiberDome also translates data in RS-485 or RS-422 signals. Video and data are transmitted across a single fiber optic connection. Both the camera's pan/tilt/zoom unit and the transmitter module get power from the same power supply, which is purchased separately.

The FiberDome can be used with an existing fiber optic network. Customers choose from single mode and multimode options offering electrical immunity benefits for applications such as airports, railways, highway systems or multi-building campuses. Existing CyberDome units can easily be converted to FiberDomes for use in a fiber optic system using GE parts.

The Status Monitoring and Reliability Test System, commonly called SMARTS?, is part of every FiberDome and helps diagnose any connection problems. SMARTS is built into the fiber optic module and eliminates the need to use auxiliary testing equipment. When connected to a monitor, on-screen diagnostics display fiber optic links and verify video and optical signal transmission. Two LED indicators on the transmitter show "Level/Loss," or optical signal strength at the transmitter, and "Data Out," which shows the activity level of the data transfer.

The FiberDome is available now.