Speed Kills, Precision Counts: Training Executive Protection Drivers

Protective driving courses for drivers and executive protection teams should provide not only precision training, but detailed testing and scoring

"Before our students even step into a car, they spend time in the classroom, learning about lateral acceleration, turning radiuses, and weight transference," explains Ricci. "We make it easy for them to understand. They learn the fine line between vehicle 'loss-of-control', and 'out-of-control' before they take on more advanced security techniques concerning escaping the kill zone. This training factors in time, distance and reacting to an attack. Having enough time and distance is crucial to evading a potential disaster. If a driver reacts within the first two to three seconds from when he first recognizes a dangerous situation, then he will increase his chances of survival ten-fold. Only after grasping these concepts does the student actually engage in protective driving maneuvers, and perfect these techniques so they can be performed without any hesitation."

Some of the protective and high-risk driving skills taught at ADSI include:
1. Controlling speed relative to lateral forces being applied to the vehicle
2. Braking while turning, without losing steering ability
3. Evasive maneuvers around simulated road hazards
4. Emergency evacuation drills - J-turns and double J-turns
5. Reacting to vehicle attacks
6. Emergency lane changes
7. On- and off-road recoveries
8. Escaping from carjackings
9. Motorcade operations: two- and three-car convoys
10. Barricade ramming
11. Pit maneuvers, and defense from pit maneuvers
12. Defense against moving ambush and moving barricades

By training security drivers and executive protection teams to this excelled level of precision in protective and high-risk driving, it greatly increases the student's chances of survival if and when the real-life driving situation demands split-second action. What is at stake is not less than your life, and that of your principal.

Anthony Ricci, president of Advanced Driving & Security Inc., has successfully trained many law enforcement agencies, government and military organizations, corporations, and private executive protection specialists for more than ten years in security and tactical driving. His specialized areas of instruction include protective driving, VIP and dignitary protection, police instructor's certification, and anti-terrorist driving. Ricci holds a Masters degree in International Business. He is an active member of ASLET, ALERT, ASIS, NSC, RITOA, and NACP.

ADSI is on the web at www.1adsi.com.