Leveraging Technology to Combat Internal Retail Theft

More than ever before, retailers are turning to technology to combat the plague of internally caused shrink.

Sometimes even if the higher-speed network is in place with the needed bandwidth, the retailer's IT department may have reservations about allowing it to be used for these types of applications. Digital video consumes much more bandwidth as it's moved over the network than do the types of data IT is often used to managing. However, in most cases there are ways to govern the bandwidth usage and thereby alleviate the concerns of IT.

Unfortunately, as long as there are employees in the store, some percentage of them will steal from the employer. In order to succeed, the retailer must strive to find the most effective methods to manage the problem. New technologies will drive exciting new applications with more effective ways to address internal theft. Applications that find better ways to search, retrieve, and present security-related data with video will clearly continue to develop and emerge and be used by more and more retailers in the future.

Terry Browning is senior manager of the IntelleView Solutions Team at American Dynamics.