Fire Prevention and Detection is Serious Business

The most recent development in fire detector detection deals with children and the findings of several studies which suggest they can sleep through the sound of an activated smoke alarm.

GE Interlogix offers a wide variety of fire alarm control panels. Several models are based on integrating security and fire and some are conventional 24V commercial fire systems. Additionally, there are several modules that can be purchased separately to enhance the panel offerings and provide solutions for specialty applications.

The ESL 1500 FACP Series is designed to meet real-world 24V commercial fire installation and maintenance needs. To meet specific project requirements, a variety of optional modules are available. The ESL 1500 Series offers three panels for options of one, three and five zones that support conventional two- and four-wire smoke detectors, as well as water flow. The ESL 1500 FACP Series is designed for use in commercial, industrial and institutional applications. The ESL 1500 FACP Series is also suited for occupancies such as hotels, motels and dormitories.

The fire alarm control panel here contains built-in NAC Synchronization.Advent Fire delivers advanced hardwire/wireless/point ID fire protection for both new and existing commercial fire alarm installations. The NetworX NX-8 panel is available as a 12V fire panel complete with a red can when ordering the NX-8CF. This kit contains the UL864 module that qualifies the NetworX panel as a true fire panel that can be integrated with security. This panel supports wireless/point ID/ hardwire smoke detectors and can be used in multi-purpose applications.

The FireoLite MS-9200UD intelligent addressable control panel is built upon a platform common to the MS-9200 and MS-9600. The panel features advanced auto-programming capabilities, reducing installation time and overall cost. The MS-9200UD includes an integral remote upload/download communicator which allows for reporting of all system activity to a remote monitoring location. Using a Windows-based software package, the installer can command the MS-9200UD to program itself in less than one minute. The panel also contains a built-in NAC Synchronization for easier user interface. It is unique in the addressable market due to the strength of its smoke detector line, which includes FireoLite's new addressable heat and duct detectors and full line of monitor and control modules. MS-9200UD also has a capacity of 198 addressable FireoLite devices on one loop.

The FireoLite MS-9200UD is a compact, cost-effective, intelligent addressable fire alarm control panel with a built-in communicator, remote site upload/download capability and a capacity of 198 addressable FireoLite devices on one loop. The Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) loop supports up to 99 smoke detectors and 99 control, relay or a variety of monitor modules.

The panel is designed for ease of installation and programming. It features the latest in advanced fire protection technology, including detector sensitivity testing with printable results, system auto-programming, maintenance alert, automatic detector test and drift compensation and selectable strobe synchronization. The built-in communicator is compatible with 14 different formats, including the popular Ademco Contact ID, allowing the reporting of addressable point and software zone status.

The Gamewell IF632 panel is one of the 600 Series of panels and features SmartStart self-programming logic. It is suitable for mid-sized or small projects requiring modular flexibility and performance. The IF632 is a full-featured fire alarm control panel that can be configured to monitor and control both analog intelligent addressable devices and conventional hardwire zones, providing maximum application flexibility. It can be adapted easily to either a complex retrofit installation or a new installation, providing up to 1,008 analog ad-dressable points.

The IF632's SmartStart feature automatically identifies and configures all system modules, The panel can monitor and control both addressable and conventional devices.circuits and devices to default alarm mode. Once initiated, an entire system can be brought online in less than a minute, resulting in savings of time and money. Additionally, Gamewell's SmartNet Network allows the IF632 to be easily expanded to include multiple fire alarm panels.

The IF632 software allows the system to be customized to specific applications, such as cross zoning, alarm verification and extensive input/output relationship control. The interactive operator's display uses LED prompting to ease both user operation and programming. The cabinet design features permanent terminal strips for effortless installation and service.

The FACP 7768 module from AES Corp. links a fire alarm panel to AES-IntelliNet networks for primary reporting as well as full data transport. Signals are sent-by point-in Contact ID format. It offers fast, secure and reliable communication of panel data without telephone lines. Digital fire reporting is possible with this unit.The module works with AES 7750-F RF Subscriber Units. Full data from the panel is transmitted, including account number, point or zone and event or detector type. The data is reported in Contact ID format at the central receiver for forwarding to automation. The hardware is a single circuit card which mounts inside the AES RF Subscriber Unit-no added enclosure or power supply are needed. Data is transferred via an optically isolated serial port which is connected to the alarm panel's printer port. Fire panels supported include: FireoLite 9200; FCI FC-7200; Gamewell Flex 600; Notifier AM2020; Notifier AFP200 and Pyrotronics MXL/MXLV.

The Silent Knight IntelliKnight 5700 is a 50-point addressable digital fire control communicator which is suitable for small to mid-size applications. The IntelliKnight 5700 provides digital fire reporting over ordinary telephone lines, supports up to 50 addressable devices to enable pinpointing of alarms and features a distributed power scheme to simplify installation and reduce wiring requirements.

The drift compensation feature of the IntelliKnight 5700 helps reduce false alarms and also identifies maintenance problems. If a fault condition is detected at any of the 50 addressable points, the system will display the problem sensor and generate a trouble report that is sent to the central station. In addition, the system conducts an automatic test every 24 hours that is sent to the central station. The 5700 reports in both the SIA and Contact ID formats.