The Convergence of Physical Security & IT

The convergence of physical security technology and information technology, and its impact on security and IT departments.

Sometimes IT needs alone or physical security needs alone won't be a strong enough case for network upgrade expenditures, but together they can tip the scales.

Today's security systems are based upon information technology. This requires a good working alliance between security and IT departments. The result of this alliance will be, of course, stronger and more capable security systems.

About the Author: Ray Bernard is the principal consultant for Ray Bernard Consulting Services (RBCS), a firm that provides high-security consulting services for public and private facilities. Ray is a technical consultant and writer who has provided technical advice in the security and building automation industries for more than 15 years. This article is based upon material in Ray's upcoming book, Shifting Sands: The Convergence of Physical Security and IT. For more information about Ray Bernard and RBCS, go to or call 949-831-6788.