How to Perform a Home Security Survey

We need to educate the public to better understand the role of the locksmith as their security professional. A locksmith/security professional does much more than change the combination of a lock and originate and duplicate keys. We know the types and...

  • Always leave some lights on in your house at night.
  • Keep the lawn mowed and the landscaping in good appearance.
  • Never leave newspapers in the front.
  • Use electrical timers to turn on and off lights and appliances when no one is home. This makes a home appear occupied.
  • When vacationing, ask a neighbor to park his or her car in your driveway.
  • Never place the box from the new big screen television or other expensive item on the curb for trash pickup. Instead, cut up the box and tight it with string, being careful to hide the product identification.

After you complete your security survey, take some time to think about your recommendations. When you talk to the customer, be ready to make recommendations concerning what security measures you would like to implement.

Discuss not only the recommendations, but have examples of the locks and hardware you would want to install. Bring several different products and discuss the benefits of each. Have your customer examine the range of products.

If you do not want to do an in-person survey, you can provide your customers a copy of the security survey so they can survey their own residences. If possible, have the customer photograph the exterior of his or her residence or business. Once the survey has been completed, you can read the survey and discuss the findings.

Feel free to make a copy of this survey and use it in your business.