The Business of Security is the Business

Why integrators must focus on their customers' business need, not just the customer's security needs

Methodology and Metrics: Templates for managing the data that is derived from the people, processes or tools including the network, applications and/or the sources that are being monitored, will lead to reports that begin to connect to organizational goals for budget optimization, process optimization and velocity (Service Time to Value).

A ‘next-generation’ integrator for the ‘next-generation’ security executive will be able to articulate all of these in a manner that relates to the client’s organizational objectives because ‘the business of security is the business.’



Phil Aronson is president and chief executive officer of ASG. He is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), is on the advisory board of the Security Executive Council (SEC), Security Innovations Partner, host of The ASG Security Summit & Expo and co-founder of The Great Conversation.