Education Market Focus: Saint Michael's Gets Student Nod for Multi-Card Control

Saint Michael's does away with keys in move to electronic access control


All is well and organized online

As the assignment neared completion, the integrator sent staff to walk the campus looking for possible glitches and making sure the job would go smoothly and finish on time.

Mike Kaiser, operations manager for Kolram Access Services said the only challenge for the job was the tight timeline. “The job was a bid specification and was awarded later than originally scheduled so we had to jockey around some scheduling to meet the deadline,” Kaiser said. “Instead of starting one building and completing it, we had to jump around to all the buildings in order to get the main entrances done on each before the students returned. The school did not want to hand out keys to the students coming back for the fall semester.”

Kaiser said Kolram works closely with the end user to make sure their needs have been addressed. “We have several meetings and weekly job updates between our project manager and the school officials in order to make sure their goals and expectations are met. Almost all of our education end user customers have been with us for over 10 years and I think that says volumes about our quality of work and the relationships we have with end users,” he said.

Kaiser added that the flexibility of the Sielox technicians helped the process. They worked in partnership with the integrator to make sure things would go well when the system went online. And things have gone well. The new arrangements, including reports from the system itself and replays of the associated video, has given campus authorities improved ability to solve issues when they come up; data collected is useful to them in terms of both investigations and just getting their work done.

The Kolram/Sielox team was selected not only for a reasonable bid, but for each companies’ reputations for support, ongoing service and good response time, and the attractive functionality of the access control package.


Looking ahead for additional control

The next phase will expand campus access control to selected doors in some academic areas that currently have to be locked and unlocked on a daily basis. These additions will include various classrooms, computer labs and athletic facilities, specific areas that the administration would like to have under closer control.