Security Watch: Electronic Security Association: Future-Ready

The Electronic Security Association is ready to help dealers and integrators secure their future

Still located in Irving, Texas, the new headquarters takes up about 8,000 square-feet in an airy, modern office complex. It's only five miles from the previous office, but in a more convenient location at the intersection of two major freeways in the heart of the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area, adjacent to DFW International Airport.

The new space is an open environment that easily lends itself to collaboration and internal communication, a big change from the maze of hallways and offices at the previous location. Inside the new building is a dedicated classroom, which will host NTS courses throughout the year and provide a central training room for companies in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The new building also houses the brand new Member Services Center, which works to provide ESA members, prospective members and Chartered Chapters all of the information they need to prosper.

Vice President of Membership & Chapter Relations Amy Kirk said that the Member Service Center will oversee recruitment, member retention, chapter relations, provide support to NTS, and provide high-level information on Security America Risk Retention Group.

The idea for the member service center came after the decision to bring NTS in-house; they knew they would need the support. “It was a result of internal discussions,” said Kirk. “When you look at the big picture of what’s happened in 2011, and what will happen in 2012, we wanted to be prepared.”

The service center, which will have three to four representatives managed by Mike Hampton, will proactively reach out to promote events and contact members about important government relations information. It will also respond quickly to incoming member phone calls and requests.

If anyone has a question about anything ESA-related, this is where they should start, said Kirk. If a customer service rep can’t answer it, they’ll quickly find someone who can. To reach the member service center, call 888-447-1689.

Being future-ready is a top priority for the organization. ESA has positioned itself as the security industry’s go-to entity, providing its members with resources for training, workforce development, consumer awareness, networking and mentoring in preparation for whatever the future holds.

“These are just a few of the programs we’ve developed to help our members understand and respond to future trends. We’re committed to putting the resources in place that will allow us to stay ahead of the curve and keep our industry strong,” said D’Ascoli.