Who Do We Learn From?

Security industry to collaborate on The Great Conversation

• understand how to aggregate information responsibly as part of a “trust network,” so that it could be communicated in a valuable and secure way; and

• understand how to communicate with other networks within the security ecosystem in a responsible manner.

The Great Conversation is the expression of this effort. My company started an event called the ASG Security Summit and Expo 10 years ago, but, with the help of consultants from business and security, we realized it was a “Great Conversation” in Security, and that it should be allowed to grow outside our framework and control and, possibly, continue beyond a one-day event.

Today, the program has integrated politicians, government and non-government agencies, business continuity and risk consultants and leading security executives who are on the cutting edge of change. It provides all of us the opportunity to collaborate in The Great Conversation, and explore the results of our benchmarking of people, processes and tools, standards and compliance strategies. As well, it allows us to network with our peers to continue the conversation throughout the year.

Who do we learn from? The answer lies in the complex web of relationships that define us as an industry — all collaborating in a Great Conversation.


Phil Aronson is president of Aronson Security Group. He has more than 25 years of security, access control and door hardware experience.