Appraisal Season Never Ends for Security

I recently got a rather amusing forwarded e-mail from a friend who is a senior security guru in a large IT company. He had just received the news he had to prepare for the annual corporate appraisal season, and wanted to share the corporate e-mail with...

Our unique perspective enables us to look at the corporate appraisal system with a mixture of annoyance and amusement. Most of us get our feedback almost daily as we tackle the challenges of facing mounting threats to our organizational resources. This isn’t a career for the faint-hearted or the indecisive. No one can appraise us any more critically than we appraise ourselves. It is the reason for the season, and the season is always now.


John McCumber is a security and risk professional, and author of “Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems: A Structured Methodology,” from Auerbach Publications. If you have a comment or question for him, e-mail