Next-Generation RMR Services

Trusted vehicle program brings new opportunities to integrators

Maintaining, managing and supporting vehicle security is a service. At the heart of that service is distributing software to customers that allows them to administer their own operating procedure. Because of the nature of tenants, buildings, retail stores, all of this software is best hosted as a cloud-based service; and best managed by a third-party with a level of expertise in vehicle security.

This is good news as it provides another avenue to recurring revenue. Similar to visitor management, the sale of vehicle security software (VSS) provides a service model for integrators includes installation, training and support fees over the length of the service.

In this segment of the security industry, vehicle security has been a fixed-cost sale that provides more opportunity to general contractors than integrators. Even when the bollards are hydraulic, the decision to raise or lower them should not be based on what it says on a clipboard. A comprehensive vehicle security program will register who lowered the bollard, what vehicle entered and when. The program will report to whom that truck belongs to and when was last time it arrived.

The true opportunity in our industry is developing a long-term comprehensive strategy to protecting a building from both known and unknown vehicles. It does not start and end with bollards. The beginning is establishing a set of procedures to identify trusted vendors and their vehicles and to understand and record over time who should be trusted.


A trusted vehicle program answers some very important questions for every guard

Who owns the truck? Who is in the truck? What is supposed to be in the truck? Where is the truck going? Where did it come from? How long should it be here? When should it be leaving?

This does seem like a very difficult set of questions, process and procedure. It also seems like answering these questions might create a dramatic decrease in vehicle throughput. That is not true with a properly managed trusted vehicle program. With the right software, by using vehicle identification and drawing on an existing knowledge base, a vehicle can be identified and processed in less than 30 seconds.

With the integration of a license plate reader that number can be reduced to 10 seconds.

Vehicle process and procedure as a standard practice is a new line of products and services for the security industry. At the heart of that practice is establishing a partnership with a known solution provider who understands the opportunity and issues that come with provisioning these types of services. My suggestion is to do your research on loading dock systems, vehicle security and vendor management. It is a growing segment in the industry and provides all integrators a tremendous opportunity to extend their services.



Frank Santamorena, PSP is the president of Security Experts Consulting & Design LLC, located in Rhinebeck, N.Y.;