Municipal Monitoring Battle Rages in Illinois

Illinois municipal monitoring battle

Though some municipalities have moved forward with adopting these ordinances, alarm dealers and business owners in other Illinois communities have been successful in getting similar measures taken off the table.

Following an outcry of opposition to a proposed ordinance requiring new businesses and multifamily condos and apartment complexes to install wireless fire alarm systems in Elk Grove Village, Ill., in January, the city council recently decided to pull the ordinance.

According to Lehan, more than 40 business people and security industry leaders were in attendance at a council meeting to voice their concerns about the ordinance, which would have also required that these systems be connected directly with Northwest Central Dispatch.

Although the ordinance was intended to reduce the number of false alarms responded to by firefighters, Lehan said it would have put the private security industry at a disadvantage. Despite successes like these in Elk Grove Village, the issue of municipal monitoring is not going away anytime soon in Illinois as there are similar efforts currently underway in other jurisdictions throughout the state.

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