The SD&I Fast50

The full report on winners of the 2012 SD&I Fast50: America's Fastest Growing Systems Integrators


Deep and diverse ranked companies

The SD&I Fast50 ranking is quite diverse, illustrated not only by the top two companies—but throughout. There are traditional alarm installing companies, systems integrators and more of the IT VAR type of companies. Snug in the number three overall ranking is Netech Corporation, Grand Rapids, Mich. In 1996, James Engen started Netech with five employees. Less than two decades later, Netech has eight offices in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin and more than 200 employees. The company delivers network system, data center, physical security and media solutions to a wide range of customers.

Nearly five years ago, the leadership at Netech Corp., built out a physical security business unit. Today, that unit accounts for nearly 10 percent of Netech’s $152 million in sales revenue and is a robust part of the solutions provider’s success.

Netech has grown steadily by taking its expertise around Cisco’s line card and building a solid networking business. About 12 years ago, Netech realized that convergence was going to forever alter the telephony market as voice joined data in the same environment. It was then the company went to work offering unified communication solutions to every customer it served, and today, that unified communication accounts for nearly 40 percent of revenue sales.

Then about six years ago, they saw another converging technology opportunity with physical security. “We thought video surveillance and access control had similar potential as telephony,” said Jim Engen, Netech founder and chief executive officer. “We understood our customers were going to take cameras and access panels and put them on the network and we wanted to be in the right place to take advantage of that.” From there, Netech took two major steps: We sought out and hired an expert in physical security and threw our hat in the ring with a handful of top vendors. The success of that decision has been reflected in solid, steady growth.”


Top 10 comment on fast growth

Each of the companies in the SD&I Fast50 are to be congratulated for helping solidify what has become a diverse industry. Here’s what some of the others had to say on what they attribute to their fast growth:


Bonneville Contracting & Technology Group Inc…“Our growth has always been spurred by our past. It’s about reputation. The most significant growth we’ve experience lately is in the Service and Maintenance segment of the business. The most impactful factor in this growth has been our ability to deliver world-class service where other integrators have failed to even cut the mustard. We put nothing in front of customer delight. This creates a fast-moving word-of-mouth advertising machine that brings new opportunities. With each new customer we take the first chance to impress and we turn it into a positive comment on the customer that recommended us. That way they both continue to recommend.”—Hector Sanchez, business development manager


X7 Systems Integration...“X7 recognizes the security integration market is in the midst of a significant evolution that has left many security end-users with limited options when deploying a security management platform across their enterprise. Either do business with a monolithic conglomerate with a business unit titled ‘Security Division,’ or a small security firm that lacks the capabilities and past performance to successfully design, build and support comprehensive security management initiatives. Today’s discerning security client wants a true partner who is large enough t to support their projects, but sized to offer attentive service. X7 is the solution for these clients. X7 offers the advantages of an independent integrator (agility, personal attention to the customer and quality, local ownership and commitment) coupled with the expertise, capabilities, and demonstrated past performance necessary to successfully execute enterprise security management programs. For those tasked with securing the nation’s most high-profile projects and mission-critical facilities, their trusted security partner is X7 Systems Integration.”—Derek Radoski, CPP and vice president