The SD&I Fast50

The full report on winners of the 2012 SD&I Fast50: America's Fastest Growing Systems Integrators

Convergint Technologies LLC….“Convergint’s growth can be attributed to our focus on service, strong leadership throughout all field offices and a culture that empowers people and allows them to grow and have fun. From day one, Convergint has built a service based culture throughout the organization. Service is a mindset that must be bought into by all colleagues to be successful. Service also requires a significant investment in dedicated people, technology and processes. Another key to Convergint’s growth has been the leadership throughout the organization. Without this effective leadership it is difficult to attract and develop the best talent in the industry. A third contributor to Convergint’s success are our colleagues who are responsible for delivering customer solutions and services. We look for colleagues who are not afraid to work hard, always looking to better their skills, communicate well with customers, work in a team atmosphere and have fun on a daily basis.”—Dan Moceri, chairman and chief executive officer


Please check out the listings on these pages and other ‘why we grew’ snippets and congratulate these companies. We look forward to having you in the 2013 ranking.

I want to use some of these quotes with logos scattered throughout. If I don’t have room for all the why we grew blurbs at least I’d like to run all the logos we have to give the companies additional recognition.


Why we grew…Micro Security Systems Integration Inc. “First and foremost, is our longevity in the security industry within our region. As a licensed contractor with over 20 years of discipline in the design/build and service of enterprise electronic security systems, trust and dependability, along with a successful track record, is easily verifiable.”—Stephen De Molina, President


Why we grew….The Security Girl “Our growth can be attributed to our social media and networking programs. We created The Security Girl (American Fire & Security) as a brand after I realized that many of the people I network with had trouble remembering my name but could associate me with The Security Girl. The use of The Security Girl on social media in conjunction with our word of mouth networking programs launched our sales growth.”—Erica Wood, chief operating officer


Why we grew…G4S Technology, formerly Adesta “We integrate some of the most complex security and communications systems in the industry today. We believe the fast growth of our company, including substantial increases in gross revenues, employee headcount and new projects, can be attributed to our strategy of providing every customer with a total solution for all their security and technology convergence needs.”—Colleen Habrock, marketing director


Why we grew…AVS Systems Inc.“We attribute AVS’s growth to target marketing, networking and newsletters. Know your customers, and gain their trust.”—Jeff Martin, owner


Why we grew…Ackerman Security Systems “Ackerman Security Systems has the natural tendency to increase the number of performance metrics that we regularly use. We have taken a lot of time creating tracking systems from the ground up in lieu of utilizing ‘spreadsheet mentality.’ We integrate our financial, customer, operational and outside data and push it into a single strategically driven resource for measuring total Commercial business performance. We believe in performance metrics to manage our business. Another attribute to our growth is making sure the right goals are set and obtaining key information that is linked to the company strategy.”—Mike Sandes, vice president


Why we grew…CONTAVA Inc. “Our success can be attributed to a number of factors. We are, first and foremost, a customer committed company. The technologies we work with are new and demanding to deliver. We pay attention to detail, lead with our strengths and always commit to completion. It’s our promise to the customer. Lastly, CONTAVA is a company that respects and appreciates its employees, and is committed to employee development, training and advancement. When our work ethic and positive attitude is combined with fun and humor every day, we’re unstoppable.”—Morris Chynoweth Vice President Corporate Development


Why we grew…Security Pros LLC “We can directly attribute our growth to our overall approach to working with our customers and our strategic partnerships. We don’t simply design and sell solutions. Our approach starts with training and an understanding the ever changing market we live and work in. Our customers are looking to us to provide the right solution the first time.” —Chris Gilbert, founder and president


Why we grew…Go Security Solutions “Go Security Solutions is in the business of solving clients’ problems when it comes to securing their most important assets. Go Security has been able to grow and prosper for one reason: Go Security Solutions leads with quality. Our clients demand it and we expect it of each other. We owe our ability to succeed in this very competitive space, and to grow during a time of economic downturn, to the quality of product and service we bring to our clients.” —Mike Kotwicki, managing partner