Cool as McCumber: There’s a Time for Every Purpose…Except Security

Just when you think you have a handle on technology, everything changes

Who’s responsible for your data when you don’t control it on a day-to-day basis? Are you going to rely on service-level agreements? How do you oversee your data security when your data are minnows swimming in an ocean managed by a mammoth global company?

There are smart people feverishly working to answer these questions. Once they get their arms around the problem, they will be presenting their security solution sets to help ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your corporate data assets. Will they be ready before the next big IT advance hits? Will they even be in business by then?


John McCumber is a security and risk professional, and author of “Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems: A Structured Methodology,” from Auerbach Publications. If you have a comment or question for him, e-mail