Success Story: Harrah’s goes Hybrid

A three-year expansion and remodeling project at the North Carolina casino includes a revamped video surveillance system

The expansion and relocation of the video surveillance control room has improved working conditions for system operators. Previously, operators were crowded in a small room alongside the server equipment and sometimes had to move to a different workstation to view video. Now, there is a larger control room, operators have access from each workstation, and there is plenty of space for servers elsewhere.

In addition to viewing the gaming areas and providing security, the surveillance system provides the resort operational advantages. For example, operators can view how many guests are waiting in line or whether employee performance reflects their training. Supervisors can be alerted in real-time to address any customer service issues. Owle emphasizes that security, gaming surveillance and business operation issues “all go hand-in-hand at the end of the day.”

In a property as successful as Harrah’s Cherokee, future growth is always likely, and the new video system is prepared to accommodate whatever the future holds. To ensure an easy pathway to future expansion, the video infrastructure now supports up to 4,500 cameras.

“We wanted something that would be scalable,” Owle says. “We don’t know how big this property will get even five years from now, and we wanted to be prepared on our end. Forward-thinking has prepared us to handle any expansion in the next five to 10 years, whether it’s more restaurants, gaming space, event venues or whatever.”