Stuck at 20% Installed Base?

Honeywell dealers talk about all things residential

My parents are 72 years old, and both have iPhones. For them—much like what security customers today believe—as long as things are simple, it’s not about the technology. Instead, home security is about offering customers peace of mind.

As the industry transforms, Koorsen leads the way by providing customers with the ability to control their security systems, view live video feeds of their homes or businesses and control lights and even thermostats, all from the click of a button on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Seeing has become believing and the new systems are powerful enough to actually alter the way we live our daily lives. Instead of a 13-year-old daughter calling her dad every day at 3:40 p.m., when she gets home from school, her dad is able to actually watch her walk into the house and wave at the camera while he’s at work. Instead of a woman putting her elderly mother in an assisted living facility, she can simply install a system in her mother’s home and check in on her at the touch of a button. Buyers have many reasons and motivators for purchasing security systems and looking at home automation and remote access. By uncovering these motivators, we are able to cater our systems to the specific and unique needs of each of our customers—providing unparalleled support, security and peace of mind.”—Jack Rosebrough, corporate security manager, Koorsen Fire & Security, Indianapolis