Security Watch: Big Buy, Big Players

Securadyne Systems LLC and Pamlico Capital announced the acquisition of SecureNet Inc. a Dallas-based security systems integrator. The SecureNet acquisition is the first for Securadyne, a newly formed systems integration company founded by security industry veterans Carey Boethel and Ken Francis. Securadyne was founded in February 2012 in partnership with Pamlico to create an innovative security systems integrator capable of offering a broad portfolio of enterprise-class security technology solutions and value-added managed services. Pamlico is a middle market private equity group with experience in the security space and a history of partnering with proven executives to build market-leading companies.

Carey Boethel, president and CEO of Securadyne, is a 19-year veteran of the security industry. Prior to founding Securadyne, he most recently led Siemens’ Security Solutions Business Unit as its vice president and business unit head. Ken Francis, Chief Operating Officer of Securadyne was formerly worldwide vice president of Sales & Marketing for UTC’s Security Products Group.