Clouds on the Horizon?

The metaphors came quickly as my staff and I made our way across the show floor at the recent ISC West conference in Las Vegas. Either your head was in the clouds or you were walking on clouds almost the entire week. Moving physical security into the...

The obstacles faced by CISOs when assessing adoption of cloud computing for their organizations is not much different from the average CSO or corporate security director. Your organization’s cloud must pass solutions needed to be compliant with various industry standards like PCI, HIPAA, SAS 70, etc.

There needs to be seamless interoperability so applications move across the cloud without major technology issues. The lack of common standards is the potential roadblock to adoption. Also, don’t discount the culture in your organization as being a hazard. Is there a working relationship between your IT and physical security staffs? Is there buy in from the C-suite? And of course there is the defining issue – calculating the real ROI. If you can’t quantify the return on investment for your cloud migration, it will be a tough sell.