Roundtable: Lessons learned from Virginia Tech

School security experts discuss the strides made in campus safety since the massacre

Trump: We are a society that legislates by anecdote and governs by knee-jerk reactions. This applies from Congress down to many local school boards. We have roller coaster public awareness, public policy and public funding for school safety. Based on past behaviors and trends, there is a substantial risk that schools will continue to under-invest the time and financial resources proactively to reduce safety risks and increase preparedness on a consistent, long-term basis.

Cornell: We need a balance of both prevention and crisis response efforts.

Timm: Well, the future’s bright. The future’s bright because violence, in general, is not going away and so it’s a need. Whereas I think in the past, People always looked at security as a necessary evil. I think we’re beginning to understand that security is more than a necessary evil. Security is foundational to a safe learning environment.