What Drives Mass Notification Solutions?

ECS integration: revenue opportunity for system integrators

The ECS market is an events-driven market. Active shootings have nearly doubled every decade over the past 50 years (See chart 2, page 18). According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), last year a total of 1,897 reported tornados killed an estimated 552 people. Where there is a need there is an opportunity.

Bartholow points out that the customer cannot keep up with all the technologies that bubble up. The key to finding integration opportunities is for integrators to become educated and then educate their customers. The integrator who puts on technical seminars and sponsors “Lunch-n-Learn” events has added value as an educator. For the systems integrator, the goal is to be able to play in both sandboxes—to sell both fire and non-fire ECS systems and have them work together.



Timothy Means is the Director of Product Management and a co-founder of Metis Secure Solutions, a developer of next generation emergency notification solutions for higher education, commercial and government organizations; www.metissecure.com.