Mobotix unveils aggressive growth strategy at National Partner Conference

Executives discuss steps company is taking to increase its brand awareness, market share

The company unveiled several new additions to its T24 Door Station on Thursday at the conference that will become available later this year, which include the development of a new iPhone and iPad for remote control capabilities, MxLightSense technology that can help illuminate a person standing in front of the door station, and a Doppler radar sensor that can alert a user when someone is approaching.

Mobotix is also working on a new touch panel display counterpart to the door station called iTenter that will be released sometime next year.

"We are a technology-based company. We are not going to make a 'me too' product," Ekerot told the audience. "If the technology is not right for us, we won’t do it. If there is no business possibility with a product, we won’t do it."