Sage Conversations: Are you an an agent of change or a 'changed' agent?

Security leaders think through the technology changes ready to shake up the industry

How were the participants reacting to and navigating these changes? This is where “The Great Conversation” gets interesting and where the past becomes prologue to the future.
Francis D’Addario, ex-CSO of Starbucks, published author, and a Security Executive Council emeritus faculty member, was sitting at the far end of the panel. The room was full of product and service vendors and a number of end users. D’Addario began to talk business:

  1. The organization and its executives need confidence. So how do we take steps that build our intelligence around risk, ‘proof-up’ solutions to demonstrate understanding and relevance, and report on the impact to the business?
  2. Interoperability must be supported by product vendors and integrators. They also must ‘proof-up’ the value equation to help drive the solutions into the enterprise.
  3. Leadership and execution: Navigating change is our responsibility. Helping the organization make sense of the balance between risk and reward to their people, their processes and to the organization is a functional business problem requiring a depth of leadership that may not be present today.

And it is that last problem that D’Addario is spending much of his time on these days. As he would tell you, the “Next Generation" security executive can be made, not just found. “The question is whether we become ‘agents of change’ or ‘changed agents’,” D’Addario concluded. We all have this choice – whether we want to be part of the creation of change or whether we are simply going to stand on the sidelines and let ourselves be affected by these coming changes.

About the author: Ronald Worman is the founder and managing director of The Sage Group, and is a regular contributor to, Security Technology Executive magazine and Security Dealer & Integrator magazine.