Adoption of cloud-based security solutions at the crossroads

Many physical security pros still cautious about technology

Physical Security applications in the cloud allow our industry to be more operationally effective. They are designed to give authorities minute-by-minute situational awareness about public safety, crime, as well as medical emergencies to which first responders support every day. The flexibility and performance of cloud-based network security solutions are equally important to the valuable content and intelligence these systems provide. Among these solutions include:

• Managed-Video-as-a-Service (MVaaS)
• Hosted video
• Physical access control
• Visitor management
• Identity management
• Intercommunication/mass notification/emergency communications
• Storage/backup/lifecycle management/upgrade
• Activity tracking/security force management/remote guarding
• Video content analysis
• Business intelligence
• Network device provisioning and monitoring

About the author: As Axis Communications’ Security Industry Liaison, Steve Surfaro consults with a number of industry associations, including ASIS, BICSI, SIA and NBFAA/ESA, on physical security technology innovation and best practice adoption.