Access Control: 1, 2, 3, 4, SMBs Must Secure their Doors

The 1-4 door access control market is a sweet spot for integrators

Selling a managed access service in this market is a great way to take some worries away from the client, while producing a nice revenue stream for your business. It can also build upward to, for example, the virtual doorman offering if your firm can offer and add video and other technology to the system.

There is already a good deal of interest in integrating burglar alarm systems with access control systems in the one- to four-door market. The integration makes sense for property owners, who gain increased intelligence with low cost.


Choosing a technology to offer

There is not one particular type of technology that dominates the one- to four-door market. As far as the card technology, proximity cards are the standard, though there has been a steady transition to smart cards. As Near Field Communication for cell phones develops, it will be ideal for small access control settings.

One thing that all the technology for the one- to four-door market tends to have in common is that it must be easy to use. And that, of course, is all part of the sale. We are trying to make it a simple proposition to the customer, while helping them understand that access control concept can be a tool for them. With managed and hosted solutions, all they need is Internet connectivity to access the system. In today’s data-intense world, that sort of ability is almost expected, if not demanded.


Skip Sampson, CPP and vice president of Koorsen Security Technology in Indianapolis has more than 30 years of experience in the security industry. He currently serves as the treasurer on the Board of Directors of Security-Net, a global provider of security integration services and can be reached at