7 Secrets for Getting More Government Business

These 7 secrets will help you get more government work

Government buyers are also interested in future-proofing their security investments. That’s why so many of them have incorporated multi-technology readers which read both proximity and the FIPS smart card into their systems. As they migrate from proximity to smart cards, they don’t need to pull out their present proximity reader as it is future-proofed to read the smart cards as well. Show them smart card readers that are also future-proofed to take advantage of the coming trend of using NFC-enabled phones as credentials. This is information that will help you stand out from your competitors.

Secret 4: Use the BAA/ARRA Compliant Product Guide. It contains the products that currently comply with the “Buy American” requirements imposed by the federal government through the Buy American Act (BAA) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Going back to Secret 1, BAA/ARRA products can be purchased from a GSA Schedule holder and most manufacturers steer their government prospects towards such integrators. Leading manufacturers provide the BAA/ARRA Guide for download on their websites.

Secret 5: Tap into FedBizOpps.gov. You can search for government opportunities for free. This website is an online tool designed to connect government buyers with qualified suppliers. Buyers create, track and award opportunities through this system and interested parties can search, review and monitor new business. Go to www.fbo.gov to register to start finding projects in your area.

Bidding services, such as Reed Construction Data or governmentbid.com, let integrators learn about bids once published and provide which A&E consultant is in charge. Integrators should sign up with one or more of these services. Developing relationships with A&E consultants will also give them a leg up over their competition.

Secret 6: Know your local standards and regulations. Don’t sell security solutions to the government in a legislative vacuum. Being aware of federal standards and regulations that affect government and non-government entities alike will help you gain the trust of your government customers and guide them toward solutions that will meet their needs today…and tomorrow. It will also keep them in compliance with the latest laws and regulations that affect them.

Secret 7: Work with your manufacturer. If an integrator gets in on a government project, they should work very closely with their manufacturer. The manufacturer knows how to market and implement government solutions. They will ensure that the integrator is meeting all compliances, from quoting and bidding with compliant products and making sure that the back-up paperwork to the bid has the required documentation. With approved GSA Schedules and cooperative purchasing programs for federal, state and local governments, they look to their integrators to be strategic partners for increased sales to government agencies of all types and want to help integrators be successful.



April Dalton-Noblitt is the director-Vertical Marketing, for Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Carmel, Ind.