Irish firms tries to solve problem of lost and stolen phones

Since most cellular phones are not stolen but lost, Yougetitback takes an innovative approach to smartphone and tablet recovery

While the offering isn't designed for enterprise IT security as much as it as a consumer security solution (it's also offered via Best Buy as Geeksquad's "Locked&Found" offering), it does offer an administrator-user management model, and Prendergast says the company is working on a cloud solution for remote back-up of data to further protect smartphones and similar such devices. To help drive the company's growth, YGIB recently added Paul Leahy to drive global business development, and Prendergast said it is pursuing direct involvement with device warranty and protection programs.

In the end, it's one more way to solve the problem of lost and stolen smartphones, and in today's age of "bring your own device" where employees are often loading personal smart mobile devices with business information, the recovery and protection of those devices becomes more important.