Rota das Bandeiras

Brazil turns to ISS and PGLOBAL for a comprehensive highway safety solution

--Two toll plazas currently deploy license plate recognition video analytics technology so stolen vehicles can be identified, as well as those suspected in being used in kidnappings

“The demands in such a situation are very specific,” said Eduardo Arce, country manager of PGLOBAL, the systems integrator on the job. “With so many miles of highway to cover, and response times in an emergency situation a great consideration, we needed to assure that operators would have everything they needed literally at their fingertips. Our prior experience with such deployments, as well as ISS’s success in this arena with highways like CCR, made the whole process much easier. The staff at Rota das Bandeiras could clearly see we all knew the ins and outs of highway safety, and appreciate how a few seconds in an emergency situation can make all the difference.”



Alexandre Nastro is the country manager for Intelligent Security Systems in Brazil.