Study: Red-light cameras save cities money

Cities see cost savings through reduction in accidents, manpower devoted to traffic enforcement

Territo said that that there are also indirect benefits to having red-light cameras, such as being able to call up video footage for the investigation of other crimes.

"There isn’t a day that goes by where one of our customers doesn’t request video from a red-light safety camera location to help solve additional crimes," he said. "Whether those (incidents) are something as simple as a hit-and-run or something as complex as a carjacking, these cameras assist law enforcement every day."  

Territo said that ATS has received an average or 1,500 requests a year over the last two years for video footage from a red-light camera location.  

"Just the other day, we were asked for video that was used to capture someone who hit a bicyclist in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A few months ago, our video was used to help break a horse-rustling ring in Polk County, Florida," he added. "Our video has been used to help solve murders, assaults, kidnappings, drive-by shootings, burglaries and several other crimes."